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Club hotel sera offers entertainment for all ages!

Daily Activities

Being on vacation doesn't have to mean compromising your passion for wellness. Even on vacation, getting fit is a rising trend. Come on, put on your sneakers and be a part of this fashion.

Listen to the rhythm of the music...
Step-Aerobics; It is a sport consisting of brisk stretching and stretching movements accompanied by music. You can have a pleasant time while doing sports in a fun atmosphere. By doing step-aerobics; You can perform activities aimed at losing weight, gaining weight, gaining conditioning by having fun, and relieve your stress.

Water Gymnastics
The only thing you need is your swimsuit...
Get rid of your body weight with the lifting power of water, burn high calories and perform endless movements with ease! Especially for those with limited mobility; It is possible for people of all ages to participate in water gymnastics, which is an activity that people with meniscus, lumbar hernia and neck hernia can easily do.

Aqua Jumping
The most enjoyable form of fitness...
Jump on the trampoline in the pool with live music and burn calories! This exercise, where the head and shoulders are exposed, is suitable for everyone. Maintain your balance and reduce stress while training your muscles and increasing your endurance. The pushing power of the water causes weight loss and allows the excess weight to be thrown away quickly.

Aqua Spinning
The privilege of cycling in the pool...
Get tight, get rid of your cellulite and excess weight without difficulty! Thanks to the special bike placed in water with aqua cycling, the most talked-about trend of recent times, purify, tighten and turn all eyes on you with the massage effect of water.
*Does not require swimming.

More than just a dance...
Have fun and lose weight with Latin inspired, dance and aerobic figures! Tighten your muscles with Zumba in a dynamic and enjoyable environment where music and tempo meet and increase your coordination skills by spending 800 calories per hour.



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